Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Smores Treats Sinful Midnight Snack

Smores Treats.  Do I need to finish this post to catch your attention?  Yes, once in awhile I have a "cheat day" or night, so it was.  Is that a way to stay mentally healthy, to allow a little leeway for one's self and eat something perhaps....... we shall say, out of the guidelines of health? You could substitute vegan butter, or other ingredients to modify the recipe. I since have started in on more vegan desserts but when I made this tasty treat sometime ago now, I might have just tried it out to say I did.

Although I did not have the REAL Golden Grahams cereal in the house, I put this together with generic ingredients, that I had on hand from the baking cupboard.  Use what we got instead of buying more, more, more is my usual motto, and if this can be a cheap treat then all the better.  Who knows if this would be better with using brand name products, but it does look nicer cut into squares so regardless of how you make it keep that in mind when serving.  We did that after and for now here's a foodie pic of my version!

Get the recipe here:
Golden Graham Smores from Betty Crocker

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Spicy Barley Summer Salad

Rinse and cook some barley as per package instructions, and let that chill for an hour or more.  I just put it in the big bowl and let it cool off, then saran it and put in the fridge.  I don't get to cleaning and chopping the veggies for the rest of this salad until later, maybe I did some dishes in the meantime or went and got the Feta cheese (if I didn't have any in the fridge), something like that and treat this like a Greek salad.

So you will need the red onion, tomatoes, cucumber, peppers (spicy if you like) and washing and adding all the things you would use to make that.  I also add celery and jalapeno's and if this salad is JUST for me, I would add one hot bomb habanero pepper chopped finely.  Put it in the big bowl.

You could use Greek dressing, but I use my own homemade dressing of extra-virgin olive oil, balsamic, grated garlic, honey, pepper and cumin.  You can sub in anything you like or leave out anything you don't. Taste test, as you might want more or less of something.  Add a bit of the dressing and stir to see if you like how it tasted, again you might want more or less depending on your preference.

 No salt is needed because the Feta cheese you will be using -( again just like a Greek salad) is salty enough.  Another thing that I add is fresh chopped up cilantro, which is not in your standard Greek but it's good and gives you plenty of heavy metal detoxifying herbal help! Plus this is great for vegetarians.   This salad lasts a few days too.   :)

Mix and enjoy!!!